Estate Planning

You have been working hard for many years and have been investing wisely, building up a substantial estate to pass on to your children.  You’ve finally arrived at the place where you consider yourself financially secure.  But what about the future?

If you have managed to accumulate substantial amounts of wealth, your family will likely owe hundreds of thousands of dollars - even millions of dollars – in estate tax.  However, there are proven techniques that enable your family to pay no estate tax at all, even if your estate runs into eight or nine figures.

You need to ensure that your property will be protected for your heirs after you’re gone.  With a sound estate plan, your assets can remain intact after estate taxes and other costs are paid.  For instance, federal Estate Taxes are generally due within nine months of death and could absorb nearly half your assets before a single dollar goes to your heirs.  Your children should receive the legacy that you’ve spent your lifetime creating for them, not just a piece of it.  You’ve earned it, let us help you keep it.