Retirement Planning

Thumbing through a travel magazine at the Barber Shop, you see an article on the great fishing spots in Aruba.  You continue flipping the pages to see hula dancers at a luau in Hawaii, scuba diving in the Caribbean and para sailing off the coast of Costa Rica.  “Some day,” you think, “I would like to go there.”  Let us help you make “someday” a reality.

Through the avenues of strategic retirement planning, we can help you invest now to enjoy your retirement in the future.  Tools such as traditional and next-generationDefined Benefit Plans, Deferred Compensation Plans, Keogh Plans, and IRA’s can help you make your retirement dreams come true.  Other options, such as Deferred Fixed Annuities and Variable Annuities, can assist with funding.  Let us help you determine which plans are right for you.

Please take a look at our presentation on Retirement Planning in which Powerpoint is required for viewing.