Tax Saving Strategies

John Roney and J. Michael Roney, co-founders of Roney & Company have helped their clients, in areas of estate planning and wealth preservation, save millions in tax dollars.

J. Michael Roney, noted author of the Estate Preservation; Strategic Techniques for Saving Wealth, has fine-tuned the Roney & Company’s strategic vision. Over the span of four decades, every imaginable way to help clients succeed has been investigated. The result, tax saving strategies that are extremely unique. So unique, Roney & Company is the only Southern California firm that offers them.

The Estate & Asset Recovery Plan (EARP), an approach, using a blended-index solution, consistently results in better returns. And the Kai-Zen, your money goes in tax-free and comes out tax-free. Further, for every dollar put in – three additional dollars will be added.

We encourage you to read more about our tax saving strategies; and let us help you take advantage of these unique programs.